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If an emergency occurs which necessitates the opening of a shelter in the Town of Holliston, that will be communicated to the public using different media (TV, radio, web-site, pre-recorded phone messages).  Town run shelters are designed for those members of the community who cannot safely be self-sufficient in their own dwellings during extended periods that are accompanied by disruption in utility service.  Whenever practical, residents should attempt to shelter in-place at their own residence; or relocate to a relative's. 

If a shelter were to be opened for Holliston residents, it would be at one of the following locations:

Adams Middle School, 323 Woodland Street

Holliston High School, 370 Hollis Street

If residents are going to a designated shelter, they should bring the following items: sleeping bag, pillows, toiletries, medication, change of clothes, snacks, reading materials, and bottled water.


Evacuation Routes

If an emergency occurs which requires the evacuation of sections of town, or the town in its entirety, that will be communicated to the public using different media (TV, radio, web-site, pre-recorded phone messages). 

The primary evacuation routes would be Routes 16 (towards Sherborn or Milford), Routes 126 (towards Ashland or Medway), Highland Street (towards Ashland or Medway), Central Street (towards Millis), or Prentice Street (towards Hopkinton).  If personnel were available, law enforcement representatives would be stationed at key intersections to direct the flow of traffic.  Depending on the circumstances surrounding the evacuation, directional signs from the Highway Department might be the only guidance for drivers.



There may be times, when due to an airborne threat, a building (such as one of the schools) may need to be placed in "lockdown."  That means that there is an imminent threat to the health and safety of those in the building - to the extent that no one will be permitted to go in or out of the building.  This might be posed by either an internal (aggressive individual) or external threat (chemical cloud from a nearby transportation accident).  Lockdown would not be ordered without there being a "clear and present danger;" residents should understand that the restriction on ingress and egress would only be maintained until the hazard was mitigated.  If a building is in lockdown, do not undermine the health or safety of those who are being sheltered, by attempting to circumvent the security measures or asking those inside to do so.



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