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When is ice safe?  There is no sure answer!

Ice seldom freezes or thaws at a uniform rate.  It can be a foot thick in one spot while only an inch thick just 10 feet away.

Safety Tips


use a helmet when sledding

don't sled after dark or when visibility is bad (like when it's snowing)

sledding down hills that are near roads, streets and around trees can be dangerous

don't double up on a sled unless it's made for two or more

slide in wide open areas

show respect for younger children who may be near you

don't cut off others on the hill

don't run into others, even for fun, someone will get hurt

wait your turn

be polite and courteous

when skating or playing on ice, children should be supervised by an adult

make sure someone has a cell phone to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency



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